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Thread: Red Dead Redemption PS3 help?

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    redfessor Guest

    Red Dead Redemption PS3 help?

    I have a problem with the game Red Dead Redemption ... I try to run it from an external drive but I do not pretend .. I tried many ways but nothing helps and I do not know what to do next. Maybe I need to put this game on the internal drive? is even pretend PARAM.SFO and eboot file. What else can I do?

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    anticon Guest
    Pretty sure this game requires the internal drive, i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong but the fact that its on my internal & that it works would lead me to believe it needs to be that way, also if my memory serves me correctly you need to be on patch 1.6 or lower the latest patch 1.7 or later will not work as its signed with the newest key set.

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    redfessor Guest
    Well I will try tomorrow. Throw this game in the internal drive and see. Tell me more about these patches, where they married, etc.. ?

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    anticon Guest
    If you have your internet connection enabled when you start the game it will ask you if you want to install the latest update, if you do update the game it will no longer work, if you update by mistake you can always just delete the gate data and everything will work again, simple as that, alternately you can just disable your internet connection in the ps3 settings & not bother with game updates at all.

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    redfessor Guest
    I do not have the console connected to the Internet. So just throw the game on the internal hard drive, plug it in and play through multiman, right?

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    anticon Guest
    yes sir & try to make sure you have the latest version of multiman for better compatibility, bug fixes etc.

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    redfessor Guest
    Aha. Okay. You can download the newer version from the internet so no problem. Tomorrow or the day after the game to throw the disc and tell if it works or not. Thanks for your help.

    You can even tell me what is the latest version of multiman?

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    anticon Guest
    v04.02.04 i believe, depending on what version you have there should be an update function built in although you need internet for that, if not just search that version here & i'm sure you'll find a link.

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