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Thread: Red Dead Redemption after 1.04 update?

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    TheShroomster Guest

    Red Dead Redemption after 1.04 update?

    Is anyone else having issues with the new update for Red Dead Redemption? i just installed the 1.04 update and now 60% of the time im hauling around on my horse i drop out of the map and get to ride underneath it. it also now has random lockups where the sounds keep going like im still in the game but the screen freezes.

    And before people start saying bad BR drive this is the only game that acts like this i can play blur for hours and jump tracks, go on and offline with no issues, also COD WAW works fine. im wondering if Rockstar screwed something up this time...

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    patholi Guest
    It looks like other people have also problems with this patch... Possible solution for your problem:

    Try this. On the XMB. Go to the game SAVES folder. For RDR there should be a few saves. One that says Game Options, one for Multiplayer, and at least one for Single Player. Delete the Game Options one. When you load the game again it will automatically create a new Game Options folder. (You will have to adjust any settings you had changed yourself again. Also, this will delete any cheats you had unlocked. Social Club cheats should come right back, but the cheats that require an inputted phrase will have to be re-unlocked.)

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    TheShroomster Guest
    thanks man i'm gonna check it out. it's just nuts its the only game gone crazy and im on a phat 80gb and already changed out the drive like 6 months ago.

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