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Thread: Recovering from a quick format?

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    aj327 Guest

    Question Recovering from a quick format?

    I've tried about 10 different file recovery programs to get back my data after doing a quick format. What especially irks me is that before you do the format on the PS3 it asks if you would like to do the quick format instead of the long one because it's more likely that you'll be able to get your info back using file recovery software - at least that's what I remember it saying.

    In any event - I've tried many recovery programs, most with little success but finally stumbled across easyrecovery professional. Using the Raw mode I was able to get out over a thousand files. Here is the first snippet of the report it generated:
    Ontrack EasyRecovery - RawRecovery
    Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Kroll Ontrack Inc.
    Report Created 3/11/2009 @ 9:59 PM

    Source Drive: ST96812AS
    1096 files selected to recover.
    34.88 GB data to recover.
    Then it listed all 1096 files. The problem is that easy recovery will not let you copy these files to the source hard drive. So now I have all these files on another hard drive with no idea how to get them back on the original. I've found some programs out there that do allow you to restore your data back onto the source drive, but these programs unfortunately weren't able to recover any actual data. Only easyrecovery professional has actually produced any results.

    Has anyone had any luck recovering their info after a quick format? Does it help that I now have all this raw data (38 GB worth) sitting on my C drive, or is there no way to get the data back to where it needs to go?

    Thanks in advance

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    mackeenca Guest


    I lost my stuff in an accidental quick format also, how do you run the program. Do you connect the ps3 hdd to a computer, or somehow run the program on the ps3. Thanks a lot.

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    canabal Guest
    The problem is that the ps3 hdd is encrypted, so that even if you do get the files off, it will be difficult to retrieve them in working order.

    A format still kills many files so do not expect to get much if anything useful from it.

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    jfmiller52 Guest
    ontrack sucks, you should look into r-studio or ufs explorer.

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