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Thread: Recover PS3 Red Screen help?

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    cgm2k12 Guest

    Recover PS3 Red Screen help?

    Hello guys after having solved my problem on my ps3, grab a ps3 to my friend with red fabric, he had installed CFW 4.21 Rogero v1.09 installed the REBUG_3.55.3_999_DGR_PS3UPDAT.PUP but decided not found on the net is (355-NOTHEROS-R SOD.PUP) but the menu does not recognize recovey ps3 because my friend're now spoof 9.99

    I could ask someone to change this (355-NOTHEROS-R SOD.PUP) to (999-NOTHEROS-R SOD.PUP)? Or if anyone knows how to solve this problem red screen?

    The ps3 is my friend: CECHL11

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    BluRay Guest
    You should have made yourself more clear, let me see If I got It right. You've installed Rogero 4.21 CFW, then tried to downgrade It with Rebug Downgrader and then got Red Screen? Once you got the Red Screen, you tried to get to Recovery Menu and install notheros-rsod.pup to fix It and got error? What error?

    Sadly, I feel like I can't help you with this, I'll try asking Rogero and I believe he could perhaps spoof that CFW as I'm pretty sure It might help alot of people.

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    opexone78 Guest
    well, i got this RSOD problem and always fix it with notheros-rsod software... but lately my ps3 seems rejecting update the 3.55 cfw, after fix the RSOD and then i update for 3.55 CFW it give me RSOD again without even see the ps3 menu... is my mem mess up? or is there any other way to fix matter...

    by the way i got this RSOD after playing Atelier Rorona : The Alchemist Of Arland... since then, after playing those game, i got this RSOD

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    BluRay Guest
    I randomly got RSOD twice, I don't really know what causes It, but I can guarantee It has nothing to do with Atelier Rorona.

    I still don't get It, you were on a 3.55 CFW when you got RSOD or REBUG downgrade CFW? Have you tried reinstalling the downgrade CFW? Can you tell me exactly what error you are getting? You get into Recovery Mode > 6th option > Error?

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