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    Rebuilding PS3 Database error help?

    So I bought some DLC for favorite fitness game (there was no upload it the internet) but it gives me installation error 80029519. I heard that REBUIL DATABASE command from the recovery menu can set things straight, but the system warned me, that that can erase some saved data. So I need to know whats can be deleted? Not savegames by any chance?

    Or any info about how fix the error would be nice.

    Ps3 fat, 4.21 rebug

    I did rebuild, but problem stays the same. Problem is unsloved still, so anybody know how to fix the error?

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    If you on the cfw you can't use the dlc of the games you have to delete the files.. rebuild don't really help on this issue. I would do option 3 in safe mode instead.

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