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    lukeprout1 Guest

    Unhappy Rebug toolbox, petitboot destroyed my PS3 help?

    I just followed the entire guide (below) from top to bottom with rebug toolbox, installing petitboot dbtimage.bin file and booting like it said with current lv1 patches but as soon as I did that, boom a dead ps3 60gb which I just bought. I was even on rebug 4.46 rex edition like it said I should be on.

    None of the usb ports work, they are all dead and there is no way to set the boot flag back to gameos. On 3.15 official firmware I could just hold the power till the first beep and I was back in game os but not with some of these recent custom firmwares purporting to have found a way to boot into other os after the option was removed in later firmwares, the hacking scene claim to be able to use other os on rebug but I feel those are false claims since this is my second time following the guide and it doesn't work .

    It is bogus, sham, trash and dumb founded. Now I will have to send this ps3 back to a repair shop. I'm not even sure how they are going to manage to fix it when there is no recovery menu, it isn't a hardware fault but a software fault. I feel when they designed the ps3 they didn't design them to be repaired easily.

    If the same thing happened with my computer I could just boot into the bios and change the boot order back to the normal plus there is always a way to reinstall windows if it gets corrupted. With the ps3 it is not the case, there are certain software modifications that would render them inoperable making the recovery menu inaccessible.

    Is there a way or are other people working on being able to access a bios screen on the ps3 that would enable you to choose which devices you would like to boot first and in which order.

    Is there a possibility in creating a hardware that would enable you to read the bios of the ps3 and restore boot orders if they are locked in one position i.e locked in other os and unable to boot out into gameos.

    How to install Red Ribbon Linux on your PS3 by wiired24 (via gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-install-red-ribbon-linux-on-your-ps3.354109/)

    USB INSTALLATION ONLY~ Things you will need* A PS3, USB Drive,Imgburn,Rebug Rex cfw (doesn't matter which one as long as its a REX CFW) a petitboot image, Keyboard,Mouse

    1. You will need to be on Rebug Rex Edition to do this so if your not already on Rex then go ahead and do that first.

    2. Once your on REX You need to go over to your computer and you need to download one file just google "petitboot image dbtimage.bin" once thats downloaded put it on to the root of your USB Device.

    3. Plug your USB Drive with the dbtimage.bin file into the right slot on your PS3, Now load up Rebug Toolbox and select this in the order i say ---> Resize Vflash to allow for other os ----> Install Petitboot

    4. Now Petitboot will install

    5. Once thats finished you need to go back over to your Computer and Download Red Ribbon Linux just google it and you should find it over at sourceforge.

    6. Once that's downloaded Burn it to a disc using Imgburn.

    7. Once you have Red Ribbon Linux burned to a CD or DVD go over to your PS3 and in Rebug Toolbox select Boot Other OS and when it asks about LV1 Patches select the one that says Apply Current.

    8 Your PS3 should now restart and Petitboot will start up.

    Note~ Go Ahead and grab your Keyboard and Mouse you will need it from this point on

    9. Take the Red Ribbon Linux Disc and put it in your PS3 it should show up as a Live option at the top (If it doesn't show up the first time just restart your PS3 and reboot into Otheros).

    10. Now Red Rebbion Linux will start up

    11. Once it starts up go over to the Install Red Ribbon Icon

    12. Select your Country and your language etc etc.

    13. When it gets to the install this is how you should do it select Use Current Partitions ----> Mount Point Specification finished----> Then hit agree or Ok.

    14. Now Red Ribbon will format your USB Drive and will install itself on to it.

    15. This usually take a good 30 mins so sit back relax and grab a cold beer or a lemonade and chill.

    16. Once thats done your all set Enjoy Linux on your PS3.

    Just a few notes anytime that you want to boot back into Linux just go into the Rebug Toolbox and select BootOtheros And when it asks what LV1 Patches just hit apply current

    Another Note this guide was written with only USB Installation in mind if you were planning on just installing to the HDD there may be other guides on how to do that but from what i gather its more comlex.

    P.S. This was only possible due to the hard work of Graf and Glevland and various other devs and lets not forget Sony because if it wasn't for Sony pulling OtherOS i probably never would have written this lovely Tutorial

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    windrider42 Guest
    Ok first off any time installing any type of CFW, you should first have made backups of your PS3.

    And second the tutorial is from a different site than ours. So if you had issues with it, try to contact the author.

    Your PS3 can be fixed with a dongle or hardware flasher I am sure.

    There are always risks involved when messing around with CFW, so always good to make backups of the nand or nor.

    Here is a video on the installation of Red Ribbon Linux.

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