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Thread: Rebug Freezing PS3 Slim a lot help?

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    Mysteryra Guest

    Rebug Freezing PS3 Slim a lot help?


    Since I installed Rebug on my Slim, my ps3 is freezing a lot.... I was on kmeaw before without any problem, If I want to go back to kmeaw do I have to install OFW 3.55 before going back to Kmeaw or I can go straight from rebug to kmeaw?


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    elser1 Guest
    should be able to go straight rebug to kmeaw. have you got the latest rebug, doesn't freeze much in my experience. if you have an old rebug just update to latest version ad see if this fixes your problems.

    also if you can't get directly from rebug to kmeaw then just do it in recovery mode .good luck mate. any problems just ask.

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    KeithPs3 Guest
    Switch to kmeaw if you are still having problems its the best out there

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