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    Is it really so hard to crack PS3

    Why can't we crack PS3, is it the new architecture of the cell processor or something else that we dont understand is the encrytion sa hard why can't we bruteforce the encryption. I am sure if we stick to the keyvault project we would crack it much faster if we did this before. I know there are some smart people doing their best to understand it but i think the bruteforce is the way.

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    Read up on cryptography and see how long it will take to bruteforce the security of today. It will take millions of years.

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    As technology becomes more advanced, the chips, circuits & programming becomes more complex - thus making it harder and harder to by-pass security & circuits.

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    It also doesn't help that most of the Linux experts don't care much because you can install Linux directly onto the machine. The *nix nuts are some of the most talented people out there, so without a lot of them to help, it makes things take a bit longer.

    It also isn't helped by all of the groups fighting amongst themselves. At least with the Linux ideology, everything is shared so if one group makes progress, everyone does, but not the current system.

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    brute force would take forever, but I recall ps3news making a project similar to Folding at Home, more like Brute Forcing At Home. haha. Idk.

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    its hard as hell and i doubt anybody who isn't rich would want to risk breaking their ps3.

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    Cell processor have complicated instructions inside, it's a new architecture, it's normal to take some time.
    The Ps2 take some time to be cracked too, so let's wait or try to find a way to make this goal on the Ps3.

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