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Thread: Reading the Temperature of PS3 Cell and RSX help?

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    2tailedfox Guest

    Reading the Temperature of PS3 Cell and RSX help?

    Hi all, I want to know how hot my RSX and Cell are getting. I don't want to do some elaborate and potentially unrealiable hardware modification to do that. I have kmeaw_prepatched_pup_cfw3.55 running on the unit. I only put that on there to help with this issue.

    I guess I figured that there would be a .pkg program that could show me the temperature. Maybe one of the managers would show me. Well after hours and hours of searching, no dice. If it does exist, it eludes me. If it doesn't exist, then that's pretty dumb (Antione Dodson style).

    Apparently there is a program that you can run in linux to read the temperature. I really don't want to spend a whole day figuring out how to put linux on this and blah blah blah just to check the temperature.

    Anyone got any ideas how to do this?

    If I do HAVE to use linux, is there a way to do it like a live CD or something where I wouldn't have to fully install it just to run a program?

    It's a CECHE01 (80) Also, Perhaps there is a trace on the board that I could tap off of to get a reading with some other equipment?

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    2tailedfox Guest
    Seeing as no one has answered, I looked into the whole linux thing (grumble). I can't install it or use it because this file bootos-v3.0-petitboot.pkg does not exist on the internet. Therefore, despite having the lv2patcherv9 and the ubuntu ps3 version on a disc, I can't do anything, let alone run the stupid program to see the temperatures. (grumbles more).

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    Frago Guest
    My friend take a look on that too, its very easy:

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    2tailedfox Guest
    It is now 3:05AM on day 2+ of trying to solve this. I can't believe it took over a day for someone to post something irrelevant. I said in the OP that I didn't want to do some elaborate and unreliable hardware mod to do this. Needless to say that after working constantly for 2+ days and getting nowhere I'm pretty angry with the situation and want to throw the ps3 at something...

    There are no programs that do this without linux. I only really found about 2 or so tutorials on how to get some kind of linux onto 3.55 kmeaw. I couldn't really follow either because they both (and apparently every frickin' tut anywhere) use multiupload or something like it to host the related files.

    Those kinds of sites are dead now. So it's impossible for me to do as far as I can tell. (countless hours of looking for the needed files via newsgroups, google, and torrent sites have turned up nothing)

    I just got done 'installing' debian onto a usb drive using bootos 2.1 and then it restarted and it was like I hadn't done anything. No way to boot into it, it just goes back to the blue menu to install it again (install is the only option). Burning ubuntu was a waste of a CD as the bootos-v3.0-petitboot.pkg does not exist on the internet.

    Meanwhile I still have no clue how hot the damn thing is getting, so I'm running the fan full on to make sure it doesn't over heat, so it's loud as hell in here.

    There are several sites with the same information on them, but they all link to the non existent multiupload page for the otheros petitboot thing.

    This used to be a place one could get real help. The IRC channel doesn't even exist anymore (as far as I can tell) and it took a day to get that. What happened here?

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    rodq Guest
    If you want to read data straight from the RSX, look for ADT7461A (bottom left of the RSX). Have fun!

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    2tailedfox Guest
    Thank you rodq. Seeing as the files needed to install linux the easy way aren't available, this may be an option. What kind of sensor is in the RSX? It would be pretty easy to hook up a scope to D+ and D- and read the voltage level. Where can I find a reference chart (data sheet) that says what voltage = what temperature for the external sensor?

    It would still be much better to be able to do this via software. Why don't we have a way to boot linux live off a cd or usb stick? Also, why did everyone have to post their files to multiupload (grumble)?

    After a lot of struggling I was able to follow this and got debian working. I used apt-get install lm-sensors. But now I'm stuck. Anyone know how to actually view the information? I don't think Ksim exists for debian...

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    rodq Guest
    Well, if you search for datasheet ADT7461A you will find all the required info (you know that Google is your best friend). The ADT7461A reads straight from the RSX internal temperature monitor sensor - the CELL Processor has the same temperature monitor sensor. Didn't try in Debian for lm-sensors but reading from the ADT is the best "professional" way. I don't think that you need such accurate temps, probably a regular temperature sensor will be more than enough.

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    2tailedfox Guest
    If I wasn't looking at the datasheet when I replied then I wouldn't have known that D+ and D- were analog inputs from the temperature sensor. That still doesn't answer my question as to what voltage = what temperature. One could also read off of the serial output of the ADT BUT, it is an average or 'mux' of it's own temperature sensor AND the sensor within the RSX. It's also easier to just take a voltage reading than to program a microcontroller or mess with a shift register and a bcd decoder.

    Well, it's been quite a lot of time. I don't see this thread ultimately ending with a solution, so I just wanted to thank everyone for their contributions, and apologize for my gripes and groans. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it breaks again to determine if it's been getting too hot or not. Thanks again everyone.

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