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Thread: Re-Write The PS3 Key Or Convert the Hex to .upd?

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    bb01 Guest

    Post Re-Write The PS3 Key Or Convert the Hex to .upd?

    Ok this is a long shot, but now that there's even more updates for the ps3 groove etc, & with hermes etc.. the PS3Key Team still have not upgraded there files, so we all still have only hermes v1.1..

    So the question is can someone either explain how to wipe the bootloader from the PS3Key, which is hard coded into it..

    Or can someone convert the hex's to .upd?

    Attached is a copy of the PS3Key2.3.upd that i have, and maybe then someone can work out how to reverse it...

    Hope someone can help...


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    EiKii Guest
    i would love it to, but seems their bootloaader is encrypted blahblah, so we cant remove it as we dont have any prog for it

    i want to erase mine, and go open payload.

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