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Thread: RDR Undead Nightmare troubleshooting help?

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    Hipmans Guest
    I have the game disc yes but I have tried that many times and different ways and all without success. I know the kid next door also has this game so I'm thinking about trying his disc and see what it does. If that also fails I'm totally clueless and I'll just let John Marston on his own killing zombies

    Many thanks for all your help though, I do appreciate it.

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    soldier Guest
    no problem. i think we're on the same page as the thing we were talking about is on the ps3 xmb at the very top of the game menu. we weren't referring to multiman nor the blxx of the actual game.

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    Hipmans Guest
    This just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Like I said, the kid next door also has this game, so I went and got his disc and backed that up to internal hdd and guess what; it also prompts me to update to 3.60 !!

    Before backing up the disc I deleted the entire BLES01179 folder and all cache data but still it prompts me to update. So there must be some game/update data left somewhere on the internal hdd, right?

    Please guys, could you direct me where I can find and delete this horrid update file??

    OMG I must totally be the biggest retarded moron on the planet... Soldier bro, sorry man I didn't even proper read your message before posting again. I never knew there was that folder at the top of the game menu (shame...)

    Deleted the update 1.02 and what do you know, it runs fine now.

    Sorry I'm such an idiot guys, again thanks for all your help, appreciated

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