So here is my dilemma, I wanna be able to record my Game Play through a Plextor which we got awhile back, however, my television does not have any output components.

What I am trying to do, which so far isn't succeeding is to set the output video of the ps3 to component (RCA) and split the video cable, one to be inputted to the television and one for the Plextor. With the video split between both, I ran the Component audio to the Plextor and my HDMI cable is still connected from my TV to my PS3.

The problem is, when I use Component video settings on my PS3 I cannot seem to get the Audio Multi-Output setting to allow the sound to come through the HDMI cable. When on HDMI video settings I believe I am able to have sound go out through both, but this plextor can only receive RCA cables.

So my question is, is it possible to have Audio Multi-Output using both RCA cables and HDMI while the video output is also running through RCA cables.

The only other possibility i see of this working is to have everything run through RCA, which means I would have to get two more RCA splitters, an extra expense.

However, I have a gaming chair coming in the mail, supposed to be here tomorrow, so I will have RCA running to that. Perhaps I wont be able to record with my chair hooked up at all, or not even be able to record period... Damn.

I would just like to make a correction, I meant to say Composite cables, not Component, always getting them mixed up...