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    danysan2002 Guest

    Unhappy Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time freeze problem?

    Hello! Few days ago, I started to play Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time


    I just traveled to the third galaxy and I get the cutscene from "Nefarious space station". The cutscene plays 2-3 seconds and then completly freezes! No PS button, start, nothing. Just need to restart it from the power button. Tried it 3 times already but the same result... The text that he is speaking (the narator) is : Pollyx believes the entire procedure will require approximately a hundred-and-eighty-three paradoxes, but it doesn't pass the 'entire procedure'.

    I don't know what to do... I really want to finish this game... Now if I download the US version, the saves will still work??

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    barrybarryk Guest
    more than likely the saves wont work, try copying the downloaded files (from the eur version) over again

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    danysan2002 Guest
    Damn... I'll try that tomorrow, but I put to download the US version too, just in case.

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    jwc2003 Guest
    look in this folder \USRDIR\built\movies\axm_woops_fmv

    the file axm_woops_fmv.bik should be 266,769KB - is this the right size.

    also in that folder you should have a pkg file with the language you are playing in - eg english

    axm_woops_fmv.gb.pkg - file size 1.62KB

    if any of your sizes are different then you have corrupt files.

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