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Thread: Rare but annoying PS3 display problem help?

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    senseihEnRY Guest

    Rare but annoying PS3 display problem help?

    This is a rare problem, since i bought my ps3 in 2011, for maybe 5 times, the console can't display HD. Usually, before playing any game, the screen suddenly goes black, i restart it but still, there are no picture on my tv. I unplugged and plugged the HDMI cable but nothing change. I must reset the display setting to SD by pressing the on/off button for 5 seconds to get output display from the PS3.

    I try to change the setting back to HD 1080p, the screen goes black for 30 seconds and still showing SD display. It usually takes one day before it can display HD display again.

    Nothing wrong with my cheap HDMI cable because i use it for my xbox 360 and it works just fine. It's a rare problem but still, it's pretty annoying when it happen. Can someone help me?

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    wolfpack122 Guest
    Did you check if the issue is not from the TV? On the Xbox, what is the resolution you use, 1080i or 1080p? Did you test the PS3 on the same HDMI input you use for your Xbox? If you set your PS3 display output to 720p and 1080i, do you still face the same issue? Did you test the PS3 on another TV?

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    senseihEnRY Guest
    I don't know about my tv, it's an HD-ready btw. I only use my tv for my xbox 360 and my PS3, both works well (unless for this rare problem with my ps3)

    I usually use the automatic setting for xbox 360 (for both component cable and HDMI cable) and it use the 1080p resolution. Yes, both running 1080p resolution. When my PS3 acting up, i unplug the hdmi cable, plug it to my xbox 360 just to test it, no problem at all.

    I check all three options, the problem remains. Aaahh... never try that one.

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    Azrial Guest
    It's not advisable to keep unplugging the HDMI cable, as it adds wear to the port, can you not buy another cable and have them both plugged in at the same time?

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    jensen76 Guest
    even if the hdmi cable is working fine on your xbox it can still be a problem whit it as the ps3 is more sensible with the hdmi cables.. i have had a lot of ps3 that didn't work whit the cable from my xbox ore other ps3 and sometimes i have had to try 3 different cables as they only would work whit 1 special cable and not the rest.. try with another hdmi cable...

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    senseihEnRY Guest
    No, i usually use the component cable for my xbox 360. I just testing the hdmi cable i usually use for my ps3 on my xbox 360. Hmm, i'm only have one hdmi cable for now, and it mostly working on my ps3.

    Here's an update, after firing up Rayman 3 HD (which turned out to be just a trial) my ps3 change the resolution from HD to SD for whatever reason. So i exit the game, black screen, restart the console and restart the display back to SD, my ps3 notice the hdmi cable, go to display setting, i pick the custom setting, check the 1080p, black screen and it goes back to sd resolution. However, when i check the 720 and/or 1080i, the display output is back to HD or maybe HD ready.

    This is weird because before i play Rayman, the display setting is 1080p.

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    mmanolos Guest
    I think that what you said happened to me a few times too. I noticed it when launching a game or multiman, and the console switch the display or something sometimes it remains black like yours.

    I learned that when that happens you just have to exit the game, and returning to the xmb fixes the problem. Of couse, you have to exit while the screen is black so the steps are: press the PS button on the controller, hit X (at the "exit game" option that is selected), then left on the d-pad (to change to "yes" the confirmation), press X again, and that's all.

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    Natepig Guest
    Sounds like an issue with your tv. Check your resolution settings on the tv and make sure they are set to auto.

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    senseihEnRY Guest
    i'll check the setting.

    never try this, i'll try it next time i face this problem.

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