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Thread: Rainbow Six Dualshock 3 online?

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    churchill Guest

    Arrow Rainbow Six Dualshock 3 online?

    i have a japanese 60gb ps3 and i have a japanese dualshock 3 and i live in the netherlands.

    it doesn't work for me.. i've tried going online but it doesn't work.

    what do i have to do?

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    VERT9 Guest
    you shouldn't have to do anything for dualshock to work it just does. maybe that game doesn't support dualshock or it got turned off. try going to the controller settings by pressing the ps button in-game.

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    yorttroy Guest
    does RSV2 support the DS3?

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    dillaone Guest
    from what i heard the ds3 is suppose to be supported on rbsv2... i havent tried but when i do ill get back to you on it.

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    forhad89 Guest
    it works for me, no problems here.

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