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    brokuna Guest

    Racket Sports via Multiman help?

    Hi to all,

    I try to play Racket Sports EUR backup (internal HDD) using Multiman and Hermes v4b (e3). Game boots but Start button is not working. Any idea how i will have to play it?

    I saw in compatibility lista that you can play it with OM 1.16. Ypu can't play it with MultiMan? Do i have to also use OM for some games?


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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Use start on a standart Controller (is the same in PGA Golf)

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    brokuna Guest
    I use Start on the sixaxis standard controller. Nothing happens.

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    GotNoUsername Guest


    hmm mine works, did you try the button on the move controller ?

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    brokuna Guest
    Can you help me? With which Manager and which firmware? How did you copy the game in HDD?

    How exactly do you run it (e.g. press R2 for patch mode,...)

    Thanks in advance

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    firsttry Guest
    OFW 3.41, OpenManager AND MultiMan, Hermes4B -> working fine now 3.55 Waninkoko, Multiman, discLess working fine too...

    i hope you're using the move controller. Theres nothing to do with the regurlar controller. Racket Sports recommend the Move!

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