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Thread: Quickflix on PS3 help?

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    spunkybunny Guest

    Question Quickflix on PS3 help?

    I read Quickflix is now on PS3. Its not like Iview, I read you need to goto the PSN store and get it that way then it installs it into the TV or VIDEO tab in XMB.

    Does anyone have Quickflix yet? Does anyone know how to find it? or what its number is? BLES? NPEA?

    Will it be 4.00 encoded or will it be installable on 3.55?

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    windrider42 Guest
    I am sure you will need OFW 4.00 to get it at the PSN store. I haven't looked yet if its there or not, as its based out of Australia.

    I went and looked and I don't have it, but I also live in Canada. Didn't think we would. Even our Netflix sucks compared to the usa

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