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    4ierM Guest

    Question QuickCheck: SAK 1.00 with FW2.41 ?


    i just wanted to check quickly, does SAK 1.00 work with FW 2.41?

    Not that i format my PS3 HDD and have to realize later that it's not possible anymore


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    HDK Guest
    Just now, I found SAK 1.00. And from now, I try to use it on FW2.41. Please wait for a day.


    I tested on FW2.41.
    No problem. It works well.

    But, berfore trying, please prepare USB keyboard.

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    4ierM Guest
    Hi HDK,

    thanks for testing. all right... the task is set... nice little project for the weekend


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    4ierM Guest
    btw.. after several attempts to get my external HDD working with SAK, here's my tip for partitioning with windows (and maybe it's worth adding it to the readme.txt?!)

    after trying several partitioning tools from the windows one up to Partition Magic, i finally got around the errors by using EASEUS (freeware) to partition FAT32, one partition, primary. then it worked without any problem.

    and for those who wonder, to merge the parts back together open your command prompt (RUN-> 'cmd') and from the correct directory enter copy /b Blu-Ray.a? D:\Bluray.iso (or whatever destination path plus any file-name)

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