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    internetfloozy Guest

    Quick Question on PSUPDAT.PUP ?

    I know that when using the proper tools you can decrypt, encrypt... etc files inside the extracted .pup.

    Is there anything that can be done with the dev_flash files.

    example: dev_flash_000.tar.aa.2010_11_27_051337

    Or are we limited to viewing self and pkg files?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, what the firmware modders are doing, are extracting, modifying and replacing those files - so I suppose you could do the same thing if you so chose. I mean, you could modify the assets, even the sprx's etc to customize your own PS3. However, one wrong move and you could end up with a brick - so be very careful!

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    internetfloozy Guest
    How do you extract them?

    Or is this one of those situations if I don't know how to do it I'm better off staying away.

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    severusx Guest
    Definitely, as CJPC said, it would be VERY easy to brick your console if you are not 100% sure what you are doing.

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    internetfloozy Guest
    I'm not scared of bricking my console, i would just buy another. I have 10 years of experience developing and 7 of those as a sys admin. I have poke around the PS3 for a long time and finally have some gaps in my schedule to do some research and would love to pick into the firmware.

    So... if someone can point me in the right direction on how to extract those files that would be great.

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