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    devilinops Guest

    quick question on ps3 dlc?

    is there a way to get the free jap dlc for Chou Jigen Game Neptune on 3.41 like can i back up my friends ps3 hdd and some how take it off there i don't think there's a way to read the files yet is there? sorry if this dosent belong here

    ps sorry for the bad spelling

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    modmate Guest

    that would not work "yet" cause of the missing "permissions" after rewrite. I`ve tried myself , dont know what exactly the error was, some like "dlc is corrupt"... At least i have to "reactivate" or even more bad to "redownload" the game wich both means psn access wich is NOT possible if you would like to keep JB opportunity.

    WeŽll see what time would bring, maybe someday we could jb with firmware 3.5 and higher.

    Greets Modmate

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    devilinops Guest
    ok thanks for the advice

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