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Thread: Quick PS3 External Backup Question help?

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    kal727 Guest

    Quick PS3 External Backup Question help?

    I tried searching around for an answer, but with the recent developments I was wondering if anything changed. Anyway, I took a break from the PS3 scene when we were stuck on 3.55, now that 4.3x CFW is available I figured I would jump back into the homebrew.

    I have a question on running backups. Looking at the releases for newer games I see most of them come in .pkg files for internal hdd installation instead of .iso's (all of my other PS3 games), which can be easily ran from an external.

    Due to my limited internal hdd size and I have a 1 tb external, I'm wondering if there is anyway to install the large game .pkg files on my external harddrive and run the games off of that. I did some research on the gameData tool but that was just for gameData and it was questionable on whether it could move such big of files.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Liongooder Guest
    gameDATA Tool - Install PKG's to USB HDD,though i never used it, because i upgraded my internal hdd to 1Tb, this nice tool let's you switch between external and internal Game Data Mode, very handy when the internal harddrive has no space left.

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