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Thread: Questions regarding ps3os drive format?

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    NCSUfan Guest

    Questions regarding ps3os drive format?

    I read a guy claiming to have done this, I can not mimic it and am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or the guy wasnt truthful.

    What he proposed he had done... was to format a INT drive using ps3... then pop said INT drive out... put it in external Hdd casing.... and it said the ps3 reads the drive through usb. What I have done... is put a new hdd in my ps3... formatted and installed killzone 2 to internal drive.

    Now I put in my old ps3 hdd back in ps3... and put the new hdd that was formatted with ps3 in a usb to sata adapter.... plugging it into ps3 I hear it power on, yet I can not get the holy grail (I hoped killzone 2 would display in gaia/multiman on the ps3os drive plugged into usb)

    What I have been attempting to do... is have a 1 TB external HD forrmated with the ps3OS and use that to hold all my internal games, as the ps3OS can read files larger than 4gb so all games should work. I just can not get the drive to be read powered via usb... and I'm wondering if I got something wrong or if the other dude was fibbing. Anyone out there experimented with anything like this?

    If it worked I think its the best set up... a 1tb ext that can hold all INT games... a 2tb fat32 for games... and a 500gb internal hdd for all those game updates.

    As i said I cant get the dang thing to be read thru USb and Im about at my wits end so hoping someone can help me or clarify that no this isn't possible and I will have to go with plan B (1tb EXT hd esata to sata adapter to ps3 hdd port with 2tb ext fat 32)

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yeah he's lying to you. Any drive plugged into the USB connections needs to be in fat32 for now.

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    NCSUfan Guest
    I am aware should this work I would have to FTP or use comgenie to get files on the external 'ps3os' hdd... which is a small nuisance Ill happily trade off for should I get a 1tb drive for all these INT only games

    not what I wanted to hear but thanks (yet again) for helping me barry!

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