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    zobi Guest

    Questions about PS3 ISO format help?

    Hello every one,

    i'v some questions about convert ps3 jb games to iso:

    1- should i update the games before convert it to iso?

    2- the update is pkgs so how can i update the game and how can i add these pkgs to the game folder to convert it to iso? (the games is in my ntfs HDD)

    2- after i convert the games to iso there is some cheats using eboots pkgs can i install the modded eboot to an iso game ??

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    Liongooder Guest
    Hello Zobi

    1 - You don't need to update the game, just leave it as it is.

    2 - About using the modded EBOOT (not the one in the update), you can replace it with the original EBOOT before converting the game to ISO format.

    3 - Now the updates, i guess the only way to get official updates is through the PS3 internet connection.

    but there is something i haven't tried cuz i don't have it but it may work which is the Multiman, there is an ISO format of Multiman & like i said i never accessed it. now if its the same multiman as in the CFW you should find an Install Pkg option in multiman choose the pkg you wanna install & you'll find it in the XMB to install it.

    But don't get your hopes up as may not work, as the developing team said:

    The only method currently known of getting homebrew running on those firmwares is if they have the 'discbind' flag. Detailed instructions on how to compile your applications or port existing binary .pkg into a valid homebrew .iso will be released with the user manual.

    Now try the Multiman method & reply.

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    zobi Guest
    wow man thx but:

    first if the modded eboot is a pkg will the game gonna work if i install the pkg eboot on my ps3 and run the game through it?

    second there is a utility called PS3 Game List 3.0 its for install the latest update as pkg

    one more thing my friend i downloaded Borderlands 2 but in the folder there is disc 1 and disc 2 which folder should i convert to iso 1 or 2 or both?

    last thing some games have PS3_EXTRA will the games that contain PS3_EXTRA gonna work if i convert it to iso? or should i delete the PS3_EXTRA folder (cause i knew that PS3_EXTRA folder have dlc or something like this)

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    Liongooder Guest
    The modded eboot is the original one but with some codes injected to it

    If you install any pkg, the game will start reading from the pkg which means if you put a a modded eboot in the game ISO the cheats will work & if u install an official update pkg the game will stop booting from the modded eboot & starts booting from the official update.

    as for the PS3_EXTRA folder just convert it with the other folders to ISO normally the ISO should contain these folders:

    PS3_DISC.SFB this one is a file
    in your case just put it like these & the PS3_EXTRA included so it will be like this:

    & for borderlands convert both folders.

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    zobi Guest
    you are real helpful my friend thanks for everything.. your a legend

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