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    Red Face QUESTION: What's with the release page if the PS3 can't run ISO backups ?

    I'm talking about this page. I see some really nice titles... No download link (go figure)... but the real question, is WHY.

    Since the PS3 can't be hacked and there's no [public / real ?] way of running PS3 backups, I ask you WHY. For "when-the-time-comes" ? Posterity ? Kicks ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSpider View Post
    For "when-the-time-comes" ? Posterity ? Kicks ?
    You pretty much summed it up decent yourself... mainly just for collectors, archival purposes, and couriers seeking "credits" on topsites so they can download other files.

    Those who remember the GameCube scene will recall that GameCube images were dumped/released a few years before the first GameCube mod-chip was available to actually run them.

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    It might also have some importance in the development of PS3 hijacking to have all these images available. But as mentioned above, these can be archived to eventually run on the PS3 in the future...

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