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Thread: Question regarding JB Devices Update Ability?

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    drjay85 Guest

    Question regarding JB Devices Update Ability?

    All - I'm trying to get a handle on how updates are handled from various JB devices like the PS3Breakl and Amaze. Can we update these devices with any payload, or are updates limited to just what the websites decide to release?

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    Krisdog Guest

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    Ps3breaks are limited to the manufacture released updates, that never release! You cannot flash a ps3break with the newest payloads on this web site and that one down fall to them. How ever they will allow you to do many things, COPY games of course, IMPORTANT depending on your back up manager, that's what will give you the options that you will not be able to get from the PS3Break site.

    I recommend Open manager 2.1 or the newest multimaager both downloads on on this site. The companies people buy these mass produced " jailbreaks" from are only interested in money. There are some jailbreaks that allow you to flash the latest and greatest options, but PS3Break is not one of them. Hope I could help, GOOD LUCK

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