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    Question on PS3 firmware & jailbreaking help?

    Let me just start off by saying I'm sorry if this is a nutty question. I just got into the whole playstation scene last night and would like to jailbreak so I can use custom firmware and use backups. I'm currently running 4.21 which I see is not the newest of newest. It keeps prompting me to upgrade which I keep saying no because I'm afraid if I go to the newest firmware it will not be able to be jailbroken.

    I looked at the sticky for jailbreaking and the easiest method appears to be this. http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...sb-112311.html my question though is every sticky for jailbreaking is firmware 3.41 is this current? Is there no method for jailbreaking a 4.21? If not is there anyway to downgrade the firmware to 3.41? Any help or advice is appreciated.

    Playstation 3 160GB
    firmware 3.41

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    Bad news for you, the 3000 and 4000 series PS3 cannot be downgraded. As of now you have stay on official firmware. there might be a solution for it in future.

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