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Thread: Question on playing region locked DVD's?

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    GandalfTheGrey Guest

    Question on playing region locked DVD's?

    Hi all,

    I have a (FAT) PS3 with firmware v3.55 unjailbreaked. I recently bought some DVD's which I later figured out were region locked. Hence PS3 is not playing these DVD's. Is there anyway to make these PS3's paly these DVD's? I don't have a DVD player and relying only on PS3 for playing movies.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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    perspex Guest
    YEah i had this prob too, well i found a way to change the region but i never actually made it work. See turn on the ftp of your ps3 and go to dev_flash2/etc, inside it you will find a xRegistry.sys file. Download Registry editor and open up the files. You will see a whole load of settings, info etc.

    Find the settings which has the DVD REGION, its called DVD region... you will have some value, try changing it to what you want (as far as i know region 9 is free)... save it and ftp it over to the ps3 overwriting the old file. Then restart the ps3. Just remember to keep a copy of the registry file before you start playing around with it.

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