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Thread: Question on downloading updates for jailbroken games?

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest

    Question on downloading updates for jailbroken games?

    Hey all .. Got a question for people who have updated their jailbroken games to their latest respective patches..

    My understanding is that to get the URL for the update patch, you need to connect your jailbroken PS3 directly to the internet, and then start the game (that needs to be updated), and then monitor what it tries to download.

    My question is this: Won't making your jailbroken PS3 visible to Sony's servers (even if its only to download an update) put your console in danger of being red-flagged ?

    I have read quite some material on applying updates to jailbroken games, but never found this issue addressed anywhere.

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    wwywong Guest
    I think it is a known risk that nobody is denying. It would be great if the games patches is universal (not tie to your console) but again, it might be the case. Because I see a page somewhere in here that give links for patches (but not all games) I think you should be able to get that and ftp thru the demo installer and then install as normal.

    Haven't tried that though. But going through the normal online path is definitely NOT the way I would do if I were you. At this moment it is very unclear that whether Sony will do what Micro$oft do last time with XBOX live account banning.

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