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    [UnAnswered] Question concerning ps2 saves to ps3.

    Ok here is my problem and what i am needing to get done. First off i am wanting to take my ps2 saves from the memory card and transfer them to the internal ps2 memory card on my ps3. Is there any method besides buying that addon that plugs in the usb port? I have already ftp the mc folder containing all my ps2 save files to the pc. I have them loaded on my external hd which i use with my ps3 for storing my music, movies, and pics. I am kinda stuck at this point of figuring out how to copy the whole mc folder of files to my ps2 internal mem card on my ps3. Any helo would be appreciated. Like what is the name of the folder on the ps3 hdd that contains the internal mem card file. If i knew that folder i could maybe ftp the mc folder from my pc to the ps3 via yellow dog which i do have installed. But i dont know where to add the mc folder or even if it will work when i get it there. Anyways any help would be appreciated.

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    You cant. At the moment you are stuck using the USB memory card adapter, atleast until we can somehow figure out the PS3 HDD partition, and copy data to/from it, but I would not expect that anytime soon!

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