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    shooter54 Guest

    Question about retail PSN Games help?

    First, sorry if the thread or something about the question already exist. I'm new. Second sorry for my English. I'm from Germany.

    So OK. On this site you will have a section where are PS3 Retail PSN Games, Demos, Add ons... can be Downloaded. So my quest.. is.

    How to put them on a Retail PS3 (i mean the PSN Games)? I know i can't install PKG files on a non Mod... system but there are so many games like Resident Evil they also don't work on a PS3 with CFW (it calls for a License).

    Ok i hope this question is not too stupid

    And with the answer, i learn something NEW. Thanks.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    The simple answer is you can't. they may be available for download, but the cannot be installed on a non modified PS3. Also the files available here are homebrew or modified files for use on a PS3.

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    shooter54 Guest
    Ahh, ok. Thx

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