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    Question about Retail PSN game/beta?

    Well we all know if we download a retail PSN game/Beta then transfer over a retail PSN game/Beta to our PS3 via FTP, then do the necessary stuff (once its on PS3 turn it off, and boot back up without the jailbreak) It will ask for me to go to the PSN store.

    Well what if I was to do all that, then go online on my PS3 and update it to 3.50, then make my way to the PSN store, will the Games/Beta's work?

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    If you go online the jailbreak will no longer work.

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    I doubt it will work !! I mean, you know you have to go back to normal PS3 (without the jailbreak) to install the game, but you still need to jailbreak it after to play it !!

    So if you update your PS to the last version (3.50 now), the game will now longer works!

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