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    Question [UnAnswered] Question about PSP emulation on PS3

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    Does anyone know if psp emulation is possible on the ps3? I know that $ony would not do it, but now that the $dk is supposed to be in the wild do you think anyone plans on trying to add the ability to play psp games on the ps3?

    I know it's a wild question and no one probably knows the real answer, but I was wondering if that could be done. I mean think of the tremendous and relatively up to date game library that one could put to use if they (non $ony devs) did this or it was possible.

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    In theory PSP emulation should be more than possible. If/when there is one you'll find the information Here

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    I know it's off topic, but what about Wii emulator?!

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    technically it's possible but the question is if anyone has the time and knowledge to make one. At least gamecube emulation is possible along with xbox1 emulation.

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    wii emulation is kinda hard I think, cuz the wii motion sensor is a step higher than SIXAXIS really, it has more axises than the sixaxis which only really has tilt, while the wii actually detects all movements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blboy79 View Post
    I know it's off topic, but what about Wii emulator?!
    Not really, I mean I was speculating about a "like" system, but I think we can all speculate about our one preferences here. I think it would be super cool if you could play a lot of your old favs on a ps3! I still love my xbox and wii emu would be fun!

    PLUS it would cut down on console clutter! I now have 4 boxes trying to occupy the same spot! Speculate on fellow gear-heads and console mavens!

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    can't we pair the wiimote with the ps3 in linux, perhaps we could emulate the wii

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    wii not off topic post away!

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    In THEORY the PS3 could emulate any system apart from next gen systems such as itself, the 360 and a high end PC.

    Anything last gen like PS2, Xbox, PSP, N64, Wii, N64, Snes, Genesis/Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast etc etc should be possible given a dedicated team.

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    getting back to PSP emulation, it would be awesome yes, but unless you ran a homebrew emulator, mod chip whetever - then sony would have to either allow users to run PSP games from a mem stick cause how else could you get UMD data onto the PS3? or legitimately 'back it up' in the first place, unless sony decide to be AWESOME and allow the usb connection from a PSP to PS3 to capture the UMD contents straight onto the HDD - now that would be cool...


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