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Thread: Question about PS3News Interface

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    Question Question about PS3News Interface

    Hey everybody,

    My question is in regards to this site. Is there a search bar or anything of the sort, that allows you to search through the forums? I see the search bar for for PS3 News, but not for the countless pages of forums. If I am incorrect please let me know I would hate to search through all those ps2 forums for a single answer to a (being truthful) newbie question. Thanks in advance

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    The way it's set up, there is a "Search" button next to the "Quick Links" button above. When you press it, it will open a customized Google PS3News Forum Search box for Newbie class users, or you can check the Forum Tag Cloud or the Similar Threads at the very bottom of each here.

    The non-Google Forum search (standard vBulletin one) is probably what you're seeking, however, at this time that is only available to Registered (or higher) class users.

    Unfortunately we have far too many lurkers here, so until the Newbs start participating more our only option is to restrict what they can do to 5+ post users as incentive to get off their asses and post. Not ripping on you, but as an example you have been here well over a year and haven't posted until now.

    It's great users like reading and "don't feel the need to post" but it really kills our community spirit here.

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