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Thread: Question about PS3 XMB editing help?

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    tranvanthien Guest

    I don't think it so hard to do that. But XMB editing is so complex. I think may be it related in another file.

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    elBenyo Guest
    My question is how to add alphabetization, what is wrong with Sony?

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    tranvanthien Guest
    Hi !

    I look into file patch_xmb_plugin.tcl to find out how it remove icon PlaystationNetwork, Friend from XMB and i saw it patch the address 6c 69 73 74 5f 70 73 6e and 6C 69 73 74 5F 66 72 69 65 6E 64 with empty strings (in both xmb_plugin.sprx and xmb_ingame.sprx). And then copied 2 edited file back to PS3 dev_flash. But as i said before the Playstation Network and Friend become transparent and i can still select them although it do nothing.

    And after restart ps3 no icons apear on XMB screen so i had to reflash firmware on service mode. So PS3MFW builder still couldn't remove these icon properly. And the question is how to remove it completely.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Thats why I dont remove them. I've actually removed all the icons under the PSN tab and put in my own.

    This is what I did and its great.

    1, Remove all from PSN. log in, home, store and all that crap.
    2, Install MFW
    3, The PSN tab should be empty now.
    4, Edit the param.sfo in MultiMan so instead of it saying HG it says HM
    5, In settings tell it to always boot up with Whats new - ON
    6, Now when you turn on the PS3 it goes directly to MM, you still have to click it but isn't that a lot faster than finding MM and all that, it only takes 1 click now to load it up.

    If you want to put more icons there just change them from whatever they are to HM and they move to that tab. Good for CFW PS3s. As you cant get on PSN there is no need for any of them anymore so have that a homebrew tab instead.

    Can someone tell me the data type for the friends tab? I know the following;

    AP = Photo
    AM = Music
    AV = Video
    AT = TV
    HG = Game
    CB = Network
    HM = PSN
    MS = MiniS
    2D = PS2 Data

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    tranvanthien Guest
    thanks !

    you couldn't remove PSN so you changed PSN to Homebrew ? I didn't understand step 4, edit the param.sfo in MultiMan so instead of it saying HG it says HM. How to change it ? i used PS3 SFO editor 0.80 i didn't see a setting to change it.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Use Playstation 3 System File Editor v0.80 and its the top right.

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    tranvanthien Guest
    hi !

    where is it ? No HM = PSN

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