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Thread: Question about PS3 Thermal Paste help?

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    saito1234 Guest

    Question Question about PS3 Thermal Paste help?

    Will a thermal paste also dry out with time if I don't use the PS3?

    Also, what makes a thermal paste dry out exactly? Is it so by the technique itself, or is it the heat? For example, if my PS3 runs with 60C will the thermal paste have a much longer time than if it would run with 80C temps? Also if the PS3 isn't turned on, will it ever dry out at all?

    And what happens, when the thermal paste dried out? Does it also affect SLIM PS3 seriously, or you mostly have to worry about this with FAT?

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    niwakun Guest
    thermal compounds/paste have their lifespan when applied to the machine, you can see it under their packaging, mine was MX-5 which last for 8years.

    so whether you use the machine or not, thermal paste will dry out, depending on the environment where it stored to.

    and if the thermal paste where applied on a machine that is not used for more than 1 year, you might need to redo the curing time of the thermal paste at the start though this still depends on thermal paste, mines had no cure time so I dont need to worry about those things. sometimes it had a cement effect on it when you attempt to dismantle the Heatsink out the processor so you will feel that it wont come out for some reason, this is very common on old days when removing a heatsink on a pc where when you pull out the heatsink, the processor comes along with it.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Also pick a paste that will cure in a short amount of time. The artic silver is great but it takes for ever to cure. Nothing last forever. Depending on the model of your systs the paste should be changed. Also how many hours you have on that system plays a large part to. I have a slim that has maybe 20-30 hours on it so not to worried about the paste on it. Thanks.

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