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Thread: Question about PS3 Repair help?

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    jrccomputer Guest

    Question about PS3 Repair help?

    I have a sony PS3 Model: CHECH-2001A And the Drive Is KEM-450DAA.


    1. Are all KEM-450DAA Drives the Same??
    2. Will sony fix it I bought it on ebay??
    3. Where can I find a drive for under $100??
    4. Why are they so expensive??
    5. Will a A Drive that Is KEM-450DAA for a 160GB model work for me???

    Thank You for the help.

    Drive is shot. It would not read disc at first then I just played DVDs now it does not accept disc, and when the disc are accepted [which happen very rarely] It makes a horrible sound when I press Eject.

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    windrider42 Guest
    1. Yes
    2. Yes (they don't care where you bought)
    3. Not sure ..
    4. You can find just laser and deck replacement for cheap on ebay. But you have to put it all together.
    5. Yes its the same for 160GB and 320GB

    Remember though that when replacing blu ray on PS3, you need to use the same pcb or you will have to remarry it.

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    jrccomputer Guest
    So this one will work with my 120GB model: CHECH-2001A

    Link: 1fac

    Or if someone here could re-build my dvd drive. It does not read disc, accept disc, or eject disc.

    Here is a video of it doing its thing: I got the disc to load but, now it won't eject. and the disc also will only load on first startup.

    Here Video:

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