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Thread: question about PS3 HDD Partitions help?

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    kmjansen83 Guest

    question about PS3 HDD Partitions help?

    i recently asked if it was possible to format a 2tb hdd to 1 tb of NFTS files system and around 800 gigs to fat32, and some said this was possible.

    But is this also possible if i already used space on the HDD as it is now completly formatted as NFTS and i use 250 gigs of data already, so is it possible to make a partition of fat32 around 800 gigs witout have to remove the already stored data on NFTS.

    I hope you'll understand the question.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Yeah you can.

    First you need to "shrink" or "resize" your ntfs partition to make room for your FAT32 partition. Then you should have a space called "unpartitioned space" or "free space" at the end of the drive. Then just create a new partition in the space you just made formatted to FAT32.

    That should give you 2 partitions on your HDD without losing any data from your NTFS drive no matter what partition manager you use, just don't use the windows built in one as you wont be able to format the 800GB partition as FAT32.

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    Ok thanks, as long as i dont lose the data that i have stored, i'll make a back up just in case, so i have to make the NFTS part 800 gb smaller, so i can use that space to create the fat32 part.

    Does the pc see this as a different hdd, as my full hdd is letter E:, and the fat32 as for example f: What program do you recommend for this? If i plug the hdd in the ps3 then it will reconize it right wehter there are 2 different partiitions on it, it should reconize the fat32 part??

    Ok now i have made it, i created a 1.3 tb nfts size partionen via resizing it, and now i have a seperate partition of 500 gigs, but i could only format that partion to NFTS or exfat, why not fat32?

    So i choose nfts with in mind i could reformat it to fat32 , but i can only format it to exfat or nfts. Please help.

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    Sterist Guest
    i am not seeking best answer lol but MAKE SURE you use a good program for shrinking AND/OR defrag it real good before shrinking. (i think that's the site) has a program that will move all files to the beginning of the disk so that you can shrink the partition as much as possible.

    partitions are physically solid (blocks) on a HDD so you can only shrink UP TO the size of free space starting at the (physical)-outer edge of the partition and going inwards until it hits the first file / fragment.

    example 1:
    2TB hard drive with 1 partition--
    250gb used and 1750gb free, but file fragment located physically 3/4 through the hard drive (1500gb mark). In this case you can shrink from the end (2TB mark) until you hit the fragment, totalling 500gb to shrink.

    example 2:
    2TB hard drive with 2 1000gb partitions and trying to shrink the first partition--
    250gb used on the partition in question, but file / fragment located in the middle of it (500gb mark). In this case you can shrink from the end of the 1st partition (1000gb mark) until you hit the fragment leaving you again at 500gb available to shrink.

    Note: these numbers do not take into account the storage space lost during logical formatting.
    Note 2: i can't argue about "physical location" on flash storage / SSD hard drives, but the same concept still applies.

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    severusx Guest
    KMJansen83, Windows has a limit of 32 GB on its formatting tool for FAT32. You will need another formatting utility to set it up. I used a program called SwissKnife to set mine up. Google swissknife and download the 3.09 version from cnet. It is pretty straightforward but if you need help post back. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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    elser1 Guest

    Big Grin

    DONT BOTHER WITH CNET unless you are already a paid member.. i prefer free sites for shareware type programs.. well lets face it all programs, files, movies, games etc... LOL.


    i think it should be sticky for formatting to fat 32 program.. it does at leat 1.5 tb for free and is so easy to use and very fast.. hope this helps.

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