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Thread: question about keeping trophies updating?

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    deadsire Guest

    question about keeping trophies updating?

    ok i have 2 ps3's 1 jailbroken 1 not. if i earn trophies on the jailbroke ps3 on my user name,then update the jailbroke ps3 to new firmware then sync them online, will my trophies show up on my non jailbroke ps3?

    as in play burnt games on jailbroke ps3 then update after getin a lot of trophies... i'm playin my friends jailbroke ps3 with my psn id, he wants it back and is going to update to play online. just wanting to know if when he updates i can sync my trophies that i got on his, and if they will be on my ps3 when sign in on my psn id.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    yes, as long as you sync them you should be just fine. Just make sure you have your own user & your signed in with your PSN INFO of the non-jailbroken.

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