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    jch02140 Guest

    Question about the dumped PS3 image

    Just wondering do I need to convert the dumped image to ISO with specific program or can I use any regular image convertor to convert the dumped image files?...

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    Apr 2005
    You mean to merge the dumped file parts into a single .iso extension file? It can be done in DOS, or you can grab one of the GUI apps to do it as well.

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    jch02140 Guest
    I was actually refering to the dump made with the linux command.... In the last part of the command where of=/XXX.img

    I believe the XXX.img part is the image of the game disc right?...

    Is there actually different with the dumped files when you use SAK?...

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    Apr 2005


    Yep, you can combine the parts the same as you would if it was dumped with SAK or Linux.

    CJPC details it HERE the DOS way... or you can grab one of the utils to do it such as:

    PS3 SAK Export And File Merger Plus v0.1.0.0

    PS3 SAK iSO Backup Merger Update 1

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    jch02140 Guest
    Thanks for the tips and links.

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