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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] Question about blue-ray with compontent cables.

    how come when i play a 1080p movie, it only shows it in 1080i? gthd runs on 1080p. im guessing ill have to switch to hdmi.... just wanted to confirm. thanks.

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    Component is able to push 1080p from the PS3 to your TV. Not all TV's can recieve 1080p from component cables.

    If your PS3 can output 1080p for Gran Turismo HD then your PS3 can output 1080p for Blu-Ray. Same with your TV. If it'll accept GTHD at 1080p then theres no reason why it wouldn't take Blu-Ray at 1080p.

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    i have a 42in pioneer plasma... ive play that demo back when i got the ps3 1/20/ at 1.31 so cant try it now..i updated my ps3 2weeks ago 2 c that folding@home but it was bs so i took it back and got the 1.31... but i have 5 br dvd's and they play 1080p. i cant remember about the game but i had the demo playn just fine b4.

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    found the manual, it says only 1080i with component... guess its time to shop at monoprice.

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    I don't think it's just a PS3 thing, afaik all blu-ray players only play a max 1080i over component. You need to use HDMI for 1080p blu-ray movie playback.

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    sweet, that was all i needed to know. thanks.

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    Monoprice is a good place to buy accessories! You should get 3" or 6" Gold Plated HDMI Cable because last time I bought 15" and its too long to connect my PS3 to Sony Wega 55" HDTV LCD. Its all about HDMI that deliver 1080p for Blu-Ray Games and Movies! I'm planing to buy my own Sony Bravia 46" LCD HDTV that support 1080p.

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