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Thread: Pulled PS3 apart, cleaned and no picture help?

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    PR0r Guest

    Pulled PS3 apart, cleaned and no picture help?

    A recently pulled apart my PS3 (its about 3 years old) and gave it a complete clean from dust. I plugged it back together, turned it on and it runs fine but theres no display, both HDMI and component.

    The PS3 was in perfect working condition before cleaning it. I've tried resetting the display when the PS3 turns on but that does nothing.
    I haven't taken the unit apart again since this happened but could there be something not connected up that could be causing this? I don't think I missed anything as thetypo display ports are attached to the motherboard.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Sounds like you've damaged the motherboard pulling the heatsinks off - were they stuck on good?

    Did you use any tools to seperate the chassis & board?

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    PR0r Guest
    I took it apart over a week ago now but from memory it wasn't that difficult to part. I just used a small flat headed screw driver to seperate the two and my hands.

    Nothing looked physically broken.. guess theres no real way of finding the exact problem either

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    muqset101 Guest
    You need to do a reball.. it would give a longer lasting life as well.. it will cost roughly 60 pounds GOOD LUCK

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    racer0018 Guest
    OK did it do anything like blink any light when you turned it on. Another thing that you can try is that to take it apart again and unplug the little battery on the mother board. leave it that way for about 30 mins. And then do the ps3 system recovery. Hold the ps3 power button for two beeps right in a row, so it will be like beep (it turns on) another one beep reset video settings, and then the it will be beep beep and that is the safe mode. and see if you get video it that way and we will know if it is the ps3 or not.

    Thanks and let me know what happens and i will assest you with this. I downgraded a ps3 that had the same problem and fixed it. Thanks.

    I almost think that it is not needing a reball. Is it a slim or a phat.

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