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Thread: PSX and PS2 backups on PS3 multiman 02.07.01 help?

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    Question PSX and PS2 backups on PS3 multiman 02.07.01 help?

    I have 200 + backup ps2 games for my ps2, but can someone please tell me why the feature to backup psx and ps2 games was built into multiman. Wouldn't i still have to copy the game to an external drive, then burn a dvd through my p.c. With the said external connected??

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    elser1 Guest
    dont really know.. you probably cant play burnt discs without disc magic or whatever n ps1 games work on some cfw

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    Thanx , but deank or anybody really hasn't explained the value of this function yet.

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    violentcris Guest
    You need cobra payload, multiman the only thing he does is rip psx-ps2 games and mount, but no cobra payload , no play.

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    moja Guest
    I think it's more of a future-proofing, kitchen sink approach. Those games can be dumped by any DVD drive, really, so why not claim it as a capability? You can conveniently backup your games and play them with a Cobra dongle without needing to use a PC. Until a good emulator comes along for everybody, it's 'just there'.

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