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    [UnAnswered] PSP as PS3-Controller?


    is this possible? I only read about Remote Play, but this is only for videos etc., isn't it? I can control my PS2 with it, too...

    So do i really have to buy a second controller?


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    Yes, you'll need a second controller. Remote play is only for Video, Music, Internet Browser, Some settings. I think that's it.

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    Even if someone used the PSP as a PS3 controller, it doesn't have two analog stick. You'd have a heck of a time playing games.

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    Whats the real pont of the whole ps3 psp link-up? there must be sumthing more significant 2 come.

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    There is.

    i read somewhere that they are trying to make Remote Play work over the internet, not just the local network. That would mean you could listen to music off your ps3 from anywhere else in the world with the internet.

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    You only use the PSP as a rear-viewing for car racing. The list compatible for rear-viewing are Formula One and Vision GT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfcmmm View Post
    I made the same thing, I connected the controllers with the pc adapter
    Excuse my ignorance but what cable are you on about? Is it this one:-
    PSP 2-in-1 USB Charge And Data Cable
    2-in-1 Sony PSP USB Data and Charger cable. You can charge and transfer data on your pc at the same time (Cable only)?


    Tried to find an edit button for post above but couldnt.

    I take it that the USB socket on the PS3 is what you connect into via a PS2 connector to USB adapter?
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    @chris57 They are talking about connecting a PS2 Dualshock controller to the PS3 usb port using an adaptor that converts the original big Dualshock connection to usb. Search on ebay they are for sale there, mainly from hk, china sellers. Do you get it now?

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    ps2 controller

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDon View Post
    i can connect my PS2 controll to the PS3, hehe it does work, i have the USE PS2 controller on PC adapter wich i connected to my PS3 and it worked too, best thing is that the adapter has Port A and B, that makes it Three + Wireless haha
    is it usable with ps3 games ? or only the ps2 ones ?

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