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Thread: PSP games on PS3 help?

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    GrzesiekFTJ Guest

    PSP games on PS3 help?

    Hello. I know there was a rumor about this some time ago. Is there any tutorial or guide to achieve this?

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    Setoku Guest
    yeah i remember seeing some vids of some psp games on the ps3.. not sure what happen to it theres no longer talk about it or anything i'm guesing it's either fake or forgotten.

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    Jes03 Guest
    There was a beta but it only played 1 game and wasn't the easiest to get working. I've heard nothing since.

    I'm thinking if Minis play then how hard will it be to convert a PSP game into a mini?

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    ninjabreadman Guest
    Can you point me towards a thread/guide for playing minis?

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