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Thread: PSP Games on PS3 attempt?

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    marios50 Guest

    PSP Games on PS3 attempt?

    Hey Guys,

    Today i tried to launch a psp game on the ps3 thru open manager. everything went well,i even saw the game on open manager and then when i try to launch it from the xmb i get the 80028F14 error

    Anyone knows what does this error mean?

    please help!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    PSP code is ARM
    PS3 code is PPC64


    If the information for the "Game" is stored on bluray, it is assumed to be PS3 code. There is no way to force the GameOS to interpret the disk as PSP without rewriting the OS...which we have not done yet, in this manner. So either PSP emulator for PS3 will release or the OS is patched...but in the mean time, not happening.

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    whiteclad57 Guest
    First of all the psp game has to be packaged in the ps3 format, for which, the tools have yet to be leaked. Second the minis have certain commands in them that allows them to run on ps3's, this is the same reason they won't run on a firmware less than 4.01 on the psp. 3rd if the tools aren't leaked and the game isnt in the store you will have to wait for a packager kind of like they did it with ps1 games on the psp using postation.

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    marios50 Guest
    thanks for your replies.

    i understand what you told me but remember that russian gamer who managed to run a psp game on the ps3?

    i wonder how he did it...

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    whiteclad57 Guest
    That russian gamer is a fraud, the ps3 can barely run the 3d minis, how do you expect it to run gta and assassins creed bloodlines at full speed with no slowdowns, graphical glitches or any of the other crap that comes with quicky emulation.

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    The thread on that is here to resume discussion if you'd like:

    With that said, I'm closing this "help" thread now.

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