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    JasonXLL Guest

    PSP as Gamepad for PS3 ?!?

    Hi does anyone know when it will be possible to use the PSP as a Gamepad? Like a Health Bar that will be displayed on the PSP Screen for maybe " Alone in the Dark " I think that will be a cool feature , because sony was talking about this feature that the PSP shout be usable as a Pad.

    Does anyone knows more about it ?

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    satrox Guest
    u need to update ur psp to the latest version and then do use remote

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    twitch Guest
    i dont know if it will work like you want because there is missing buttons on the psp

  4. #4
    gamona Guest
    Nice idea, reminds me of the Dreamcast-controller. It showed health and ammo on a small display.

    Has anyone an idea how to get this work?

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    knalelr Guest
    Haven't heard any news about it. But would also love to see more info on that. Maybe display the rear view mirror... nice

  6. #6
    wicked insanity Guest
    In the early days there were talks of psp-PS3 functionality like using it as a rear view mirror in racing games, or as an inventory display for action games, however as yet, no games currently support features like this, although it would be nice too see some innovation in this style, sometime soon.

    I also think with the release of Home, the PSP could be used for more general purposes, like as a way to access in-game XMB for instance, or something similar, although its just a theory.

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    cs475x Guest
    as far as 'i' know, its only able to be used as a ps3 controller, but as twitch said - it has missing buttons

  8. #8
    justinbarnekow Guest
    i think i should try that, but it will suck with the missing buttons

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    Wanderer Guest
    there is actually a way to make psp a ps3 controller? from what i know the psp is only use for remote access to the playstation store... given i never tried it, i dont know much. can anyone confirm this?

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    ShadowRuna Guest
    Main problem is probably the lack of dual analogue sticks as most games use both nowdays.

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