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    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    [Answered] Psn store back up?

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    i'm just wondering if anyone can get psn store up yet? i can't, i was on rockstars social thingy for my la noire account trying to sync psn account.. was digging around trying to get it to work.. i found this:

    20/05/2011 Purchase Order $0.00
    PlayStation®Plus: 90-day Membership (1) $0.00
    20/05/2011 Wallet Payment $0.00
    and transaction # etc..

    that's strange.. is this the welcome back package.. i am already ps+ so i thought i get 2 months free and the month and 1/2 wasted...
    any ideas of what this is.. when i saw the charge for 0 i thought may have been the psn hackers at first... too much la noire... LOL
    Best Answer - Posted by severusx:

    AFAIK it is still offline. Everyone who is trying to play Dirt 3 is having trouble too.

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    AFAIK it is still offline. Everyone who is trying to play Dirt 3 is having trouble too.

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    yeah it needs a download to activate the online features = fail since there's no store and they won't issue a patch like the Mortal Kombat one lol.

    That's what they get for trying to force people to pay extra money for pre-owned copies.

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    well, i don't think that EA and other companies will change their mind about this idiot thing that "don't use 2nd hand game" just because currently you cannot activate it

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    yeah but its still very new wait until some loud spoken parent buys their kid a bargain basement second hand game for a few quid only to find that the publishers want another tenner. Personally I don't get why they think they're entitled to any profit from a second hand game? It's not like they payed the original owner when he sold it back to the shop.

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    I know, right of first sale be damned. That's what happens when publishing is consolidated into two gigantic conglomerates.

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    Well - there is only one solution to this - boycot such games... the same crap as protected game saves. This is the only thing they'll understand - drop in sales / lost profits...

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    Quote Originally Posted by severusx View Post
    AFAIK it is still offline. Everyone who is trying to play Dirt 3 is having trouble too.
    what is afaik?

    thanks for the info.. i've finished with la noire and was gonna swap it for dirt 3, but now i might get portal 2 or something else.. so what about the psn plus transaction? anyone notice that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    what is afaik?
    I use that a lot myself hehe.. shorthand for "as far as I know" pretty much.

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    ahhh.. good one.. thanks!


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