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Thread: PSN and PS3 DLC links help?

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    Mesutg Guest

    PSN and PS3 DLC links help?

    hi i can't seem to find dlc links to free stuff like MW3 free dlc links, the fckpsn givs error when trying to download

    some help

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    Not sure if the PC apps such as PS3 Game List Manager, PS3 Awesome Update Finder, Killahs PS3 AIO Tool or Another New Update Software / PS3 Game Update Finder also do PSN / PS3 DLC or just game updates but worth a try perhaps.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Try to download it via PC and I'm quite sure you can find the DLC if you search.

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    Mesutg Guest
    thnx to reply, tnx for those links too, is there a way to monitor thru your pc what stuff the PS3 is downloading and is doing?

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    If it's running through your PC you can monitor all traffic there using something like this if it helps:

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    niwakun Guest

    Use that proxy app and dont forget to setup proxy settings on your PS3 too to make it work. And so, once you done it, while downloading stuff on PSN it logs the actual pkg links from sony, so you can archive those pkg links if you want to, in case of redownloading it in the future.

    You have to do it although on Legitimate PS3, if the DLC or any PSN stuff had activation on it, you might need a little trouble to do something to it like::

    - Downgrade to 3.55
    - Modify the latest firmware with XMMBM++ (XMB Modification)
    - Login to PSN and re-activate stuff on your PS3
    - Now with XMMBM++, plug the USB flashdrive, navigate all way to File Manager / dev_hdd0 / home / "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" / exdata .... and copy all those dats, rifs, edats there
    - now with those things you copied, on your JB Ps3, create new user, open ftp. navigate to dev_hdd0/home/xxxxxxxxx and create a new folder named exdata.
    - copy all those things you copied earlier.
    - that's it, you had the rap files, ready to be shared on other users and also use by yourself to activate your content.

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