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Thread: PSN Payloads help?

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    fldash Guest

    PSN Payloads help?

    I'm currently using my EVO to JB my PS3 and I've found a .BIN file that works, however there seem to be more and more PSN payloads being released... what is the difference in all of them?

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    austindriver13 Guest
    It just depends on the payload/device you want to use. I use Hermes v2 + PSN for my TI-84, only because I've not found a 4b yet. There's a thread on here that lists a TON of payloads for different devices if you wanna look for it. I think it's titled 3.50 spoof, I'll come back with a link.

    Edit: Here it is: PSN Payloads

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    fldash Guest
    Austin, but what is the difference in hermes v2 vs heremes v4. If 2 works, why do we need 4? And what's the ecosystem thing? That's what I'm asking.

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