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Thread: PSN Payload on Ti-84plus help?

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    marc2590 Guest
    yea, you need to do some param.sfo editing on your PC in order for it to work since it requires firmware v3.50. You don't need the entire game on your PC just that file. you can use FTP to copy it from your PS3 on to your PC for editing. I can't really help you anymore because i don't have Black Ops so i think it would be best if you ask guys in that tut thread for more specific help, i'm sure they will be helpful. maybe ask if someone can hook you up with a copy of a param.sfo already edited so all you have to do is copy it to your PS3 and update the game. good luck!

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    homogamez Guest
    well thanks for all your help marc, you're the best! i got it running with all the info everyone here told me. thank you all.

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